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Traditional Sketch
A traditional sketch of practically anything (character bust, full body, other). This category does not offer a background! SorryShrug 
+Color- $6
+Additional Character- $2
Digital Sketch
A digital sketch or a traditional sketch but colored digitally of practically anything (character bust, full body, other)
+Color- $6
+Bg- $6
+Shading/lighting- $5
+Fx- $6
+Additional Character- $3
Digital Lineart
Digital art with smooth line art of practically anything (character bust, full body, other)
+Color- $6
+Bg- $8
+Shading/lighting- $6
+Fx- $6
+Additional Character- $4


Spider-Me (wip)
I was originally going to make this my take on Peter Parker's face and the suit but the original sketch ended up looking a lot like me (completely unintentionally) so I just went with it and fixed it up so it was actually my face. I did stick with my take on the suit (which I may upload the ref for it I've been sketching up for a when now later) so I'm liking it so far. Now I just gotta color it! YaAaAaAaAaY!
Ziax Derpy [OLP]
Finally got ZiaxDerpy's character finished. I don't know if any of you remember but we made his character bare extreme resemblance to his original design. The main differences are the cutie mark, mane, and tail. The hair has the same basic design but a little more simplistic. Aside from that, there's a slight color difference but that's a really minor difference. Anyways, as for notes on his character I will try to put some in as soon as I actually write them and run them past him for a validity check. 

(have some lazily edited notes👌)
- likes gaming, pizza, fries, SODA, sleeping, space, rock and electronic music
- hates stupid people/things, annoying people/things, meat, pineapple on pizza, noobs/plebs
- used to play sports untill he started playing videogames
- doesn't make a bet unless he's confident he will win said bet
- big time introvert
- smart @**
- lazy af
- not typically the family type of guy
- not really interested in relationships
- kinda edgy but is actually the meme lord
- can be relatively stoic at times
- meme based sense of humor
- only person (that xio has met) that Xio absolutely cannot often read correctly
- smarter than he appears
- surprisingly strong
- doggos are good puppos
- cats are not good puppos
- has glasses but doesn't really need them
- likes to pick on Xio for the way he pronounces certain words/word phrases

Thanks for looking!
XioBomb [OLP]
Ok, I'm going to upload this now to get it out of the way. This is my updated ponysona. Not a lot changed aside from the removal of the scars,(well it's more along the lines of the scars just being hidden by the fur/hair/whatever) and I changed the hairstyle to match my avatars hairstyle (here) Aside from that, nothing else really changed. I may eventually get around to making a more in depth character description/bio or something along those lines but for now, here's a some notes about XioBomb. (for the most part, these notes will basically be copy and paste for my avatar)

 - He was not originally a pony but rather he turned into a pony when he came to the mlp universe. I can't reveal much else about this because it could spoil the comics so just keep this in mind as you read through this.

 - He loves drawing and making art in general (this is his special talent and what his cutiemark represents). This is his favorite hobby and pastime that he hopes and wishes to turn into a career someday. He'd always had a knack for art ever since he was little so it didn't come as a great surprise to find that his cutiemark had something to do with art.

 - He really loves music and singing. A LOT. Even if he is not the greatest at singing, he loves it regardless. He is also very shy and self-conscious about it so if he sings around you, he really trusts you and feels comfortable being himself around you.

 - He sometimes just absolutely cannot stand certain kinds of music (i.e. country, hip-hop/pop, rap, screamo, heavy metal, rock & roll, etc.) There are a few songs that are exceptions in these genres however he mostly prefers electronic music (i.e. future bass, trap, dubstep, house, edm, etc.)

 - He is kind of introverted by nature. For him, this means that he needs alone time to recharge and solve his personal problems. He'll also catch himself overthinking things when he is alone which leads to multiple unnecessary problems later on. Most of the time, these resulting problems aren't anything that can't be resolved or fixed... most of the time...

 - He loves to run/fly as it is not only a great way to keep in shape and compete, but it is also a great way for him to think/clear his head/blow off some steam and all that jazz. 

 - Speaking of which, he wasn't initially a great flyer. It took a little doing for him to learn how to fly, but when he did, he really came to love it. It wouldn't be a surprise to find him listening to his music and flying in his off time.

 - He is an extreme perfectionist almost to the point of being OCD. More specifically, he almost always needs there to be some sort of pattern or consistency in his life in order for it to be good. He is an epic grammar nazi and organizer. This doesn't mean he is always perfect about these but he definitely tries to be.

 - As a kid, he was very shy. For example, whenever he met a stranger, he wouldn't be able to utter more than simple responses such as yes, no, okay, etc. However, he would eventually come out of his shell later in life thanks to the help of the friends he made. Nowadays, he is a lot more comfortable in his own skin. He would often be described as having a flamboyant personality with a form of humor that is based on dead memes with a heavy reliance on puns and highly exaggerated body language. On the flip side, parts of his form of humor can be described as depressing because he isn't often afraid to joke about or poke fun at sensitive or unpleasant topics. However, he does do his best to know when it is inappropriate to joke about a certain subject.

 - He has always been relatively short compared to his peers. When he was a kid, he was especially shorter than most peeps around him and used to ask his parents when he was going to hit his growth spurt. His parents definitely got a kick out of this and still remember it to this day. As he got older, he didn't grow much more. iIt never really got to him when someone would make short jokes at him, though. In fact, he'd jump right in making the same kind of jokes making the situation even more hysterical for everyone. (sidenote: in humanoid form, he stands at about 5ft. 7in. or 170.18cm. I don't really know how this converts to a pony but just basically think of it as the top of Xio's head, standing up straight, always being eye level or lower compared to everyone else around him.)

- He has an annoying sort of knack for reading other people's/pony's emotions, behaviors, word choice, and body language in a way that allows him to empathize and understand someone and sort of know what they're thinking/feeling. He is able to do this with most people/ponies he meets. Most, not all.

Welp, that about sums it up. I may add more later but this is what ya get for now. Merry Chrismah!

Thanks for looking!
Okitay. I'm going to jump on the bandwagon of shipping so here goes nothing...

For starters, there aren't many ships that I like. I'm not particularly​ big on shipping thus I don't​ really have that many in mind. However, there are a few that I do like and may use in the OLP reboot. So without further ado:

1) Fluttershy×RainbowDash-

Hardcore shipping this rn. I just think they'd be great together. I mean, the bond is practically already there. If I'm not mistaken, they go further back (canonically) as friends than anyone else in the mane six or main characters. Plus I have been influenced by Canon and fan depictions of their interactions that it just makes me happy seeing them together.


They met as fillies through their parents (mainly their mom's who were currently friends) and became friends almost instantly. Later on, they go to flight school together. Fluttershy gets bullied often and Dash is almost always there to have her back. (This secretly makes Dash Fluttershy's hero) As result of Dash being there for Fluttershy, Dash gains a few bullies herself. Fluttershy tries to help Dash when she can but she's just too shy and afraid of the bullies to do much.
·One of the most popular insults the bullies throw at the two are "Filly foolers" and "dykes". This makes the two secretly question whether or not they actually feel that way about each other but are too embarrassed to even think about saying something like that out loud. The tension between the two builds up as result and they try to talk it out. Afraid of losing their friendship, they don't want to do anything that would go beyond friendship. But the more they interact and stay around each other, the more they want it to happen. Eventually they do get together and a beautiful relationship is born.

2) Starlight×Maud
Okay, so I was watching season 7 to catch up a couple of nights ago. Come episode 4 (I think is what it was), I was immediately shipping Starlight and Maud by the end of the episode. If you haven't seen the episode, go watch it to see what I mean.


(Insert their interactions from episode 4 here) The next day, the two go kite flying. For a while, it becomes part of their daily schedules to come out and do this. On some odd days, Starlight will follow Maud down to Ponyville "Adjacent" as they call it. Even out in the caves at the entrance, they'll find something to do even if all of those rocks and gems are "common." As they spend more time together and grow in their friendship, their bond begins to go a little beyond friendship. One day, Starlight decides to bring lunch with her on one of their kite flying days. She thought it would be nice for them to eat out for a change. Maud ended up really liking the meal and being a little surprised. She was delighted. After lunch they do a little kite flying, then head home to Ponyville Adjacent. When they get there, the natural beauty of the place fills Starlight with just a little more happiness. When she looks at Maud to say something, she only gets a single urge. She kisses her and thanks her for a great time. Immediately after she dashes off flustered. Enter relationship.

3) AJ×Rarity-
I wasn't entirely sure about this but I have been influenced by the great Lopoddity and her portrayal of this ship.


They first met in filly school when they were paired together in a science project. Neither one actually knew what to do. Although,  they both got a good laugh out of one another's attempts at trying to understand the project. Friendship begins. Years later in ponyville, Rarity (desperately in need of inspiration) looks around her. With whatever luck AJ has, Rarity's eyes come to rest on her and she immediately feels the need to make a line of "Country" dresses. AJ is then pursued by Rarity to model for her in a couple of the dresses. AJ reluctantly agrees. Rarity low-key likes what she sees😋 Rarity ever so subtly flirts with a flustered AJ in one of her dresses. Rarity is very entertained by AJ's unentertained reactions. They pull an all nighter trying to finish up the last few dresses and find themselves having a few drinks when they're done. Push comes to shove and (after a few glasses of wine) an intoxicated Rarity makes a move on AJ (which is oddly returned) The two find feelings for each other and eventually get together.


Now, I'm not very good at this sort of thing so excuse the major crap that is what I have written. They were just a few ideas I had that will probably change if I do decide to use these in the OLP reboot.

Honestly tho, my favorite ship is flutterdash. At least, I think that's the ship name. I'm too afraid to search it up knowing what the internet has in store for such a search😂 I may or may not draw something for this just cuz but we'll see!


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